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DLA Designer

The INVARIS DLA Designer is a fully graphical based document designer that requires no programming or scripting for the creation of complex document logic. It's modern design is intuitive and easy to learn.

DLA Test Center

When a change to a document is requested, it is usually not difficult for the developer to ensure that that change is implemented as required by the end-user. The developer has a goal and knows what he or she wants to achieve with the modifications to the document composition system. What is far more difficult to determine, however, is what potential knock-on - or negative - affects those changes might have to other documents. For example, documents that use the same resources. Change a resource and multiple documents are affected.

The INVARIS Test Center provides an automated test capability to meet modern ITIL change mangement standards. It use ensures that it is not your end-user that are you testers, but that changes are put into production in an exact and controlled manner. The INVARIS Test Center is an invaluable tool for any service organisation that deals with constant changes to document layout production and the investment in the Test Center can often pay for itself based on customer trust and satisfaction within a very short period of time.

The Test Center operates by collected a useful set of document input data (raw data) and defining the reference output documents in PDF format for those data sources. By automatically running the INVARIS Document Composition on many hundreds or even thousands of test cases, any changes to document output is detected within a short period of time. Should any of those changes prove unexpected, the development team can address these negative side effects and take the necessary steps to eliminate them.