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DCS Document Composition System

DCS - Document Composition System

The core of the INVARIS system

The DCS Document Composition System is the engine in every INVARIS system that combines raw data (XML) with layoutting rules, text resources, images and forms to create a completed document. The documents created by the DCS are still in an INVARIS internal format, which means they can be further processed. That includes the ability to modify the documents further, i.e. interactive document completion, using the optional Formstation module, or to combine these documents with others based on key information in the data (e.g. customer number) for sorting and bundling using the optional Job Manager module.

The rules, layouts and building blocks/resources that the Document Composition System processes are all created with a GUI Designer. Regardless of whether single documents, batch jobs or interactive documents are created at run-time, these rules, layouts and resources are always the same, central elements. The Document Composition System will combine them in the required layout at run-time to specific data and process driven requirements. These run-time processes are defined and monitored via the Process Manager module